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    Your present location:HomeNewsIndustry dynamic > Bilateral nuclear agreement China's leaders are pushing for nuclear power to go out

    Bilateral nuclear agreement China's leaders are pushing for nuclear power to go out

    Number of visits: Date:Jul 23,2014

    Was on a state visit to Argentina's President xi jinping local time, 19, won his no 10 shirt given Argentina's national football team. In this session of World Cup, it is wearing the number 10 shirt messi put Argentina to the final.


    Argentina is xi jinping, the trip to Latin America after the Brazilian second stop.


    19, the first china-arab economic cooperation and coordination of the strategic dialogue meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, A day earlier, xi jinping, after talks with Argentine President cristina unanimously decided to improve bilateral relations as a comprehensive strategic partnership, signed and issued a joint statement.


    "First financial daily" reporter noted that in the china-arab joint statement, the two sides will nuclear power cooperation on the agenda. In 18, the two sides signed the agreement on cooperation construction heavy water reactor nuclear power plant in Argentina ". Heavy water reactor nuclear power plant is Argentina's plan is the expansion of the fourth nuclear power plant. Previously, Argentina has with other nuclear powers have the plant to discuss cooperation.


    Our reporter found that in recent years, China's nuclear power to go out in the footsteps of acceleration. Different, with nuclear power to go out to a national strategy, the head of state in foreign marketing to pay more attention to the domestic nuclear power.


    For the nuclear power market


    To have nuclear power company, people familiar with the 20 "first financial daily" said that the nuclear cooperation in Argentina, the two sides is mainly Albania expansion of the fourth nuclear power plant. Chinese enterprises involved in the nuclear power plant is China nuclear industry group (hereinafter referred to as the "core").


    The business department of the Chinese embassy in Argentina, according to the news in 2013, the Argentine government decided to build the fourth nuclear power plant, including two different DuiXing unit. The first unit USES the CANDU heavy water reactor technology, continue its domestic existing nuclear power technology; The second units of the pressurized water reactor technology. Argentina's government is on the first units plan to cooperate with Canada or China.


    Publicly reported, according to Mr Du Canada is interested in and the construction of a nuclear in Argentina in the nuclear power plant. In the nuclear of qinshan nuclear power station with two nuclear power units used from Canada he company introduces the heavy water reactor technology. On the cooperation, Canada has technology, China has money.


    Nuclear has said in 2010, intends to help the construction of Argentina's fourth nuclear power plant. In nuclear Sun Qin chairman in March this year, said the nuclear will be representing Argentina market. The construction of nuclear power plant construction will cost more than $3 billion, is expected to start construction in 2016.


    Except the nucleus, the countries such as America, France and Russia's nuclear power companies have said are interested in will be involved in the nuclear power plant project bidding of Argentina. Russian President vladimir putin on the 12th visit to Argentina, the two sides also signed the nuclear energy development and so on a series of cooperation agreements. According to the agreement, the two sides will strengthen civil nuclear energy development and utilization of Russian help Afghanistan build civilian nuclear power facilities, and strengthen cooperation in technology development.


    Nuclear power institute of China economic WenHongJun, director of the professional committee of the original to our reporter said: "China has already signed a similar agreement in 2012. Nuclear has done a lot of work in this respect, also signed agreements in the middle."


    China's nuclear power to go out


    Xi jinping in March this year the European line has led to the China in the field of nuclear energy cooperation with relevant countries. In his testimony, China guangdong nuclear group (hereinafter referred to as "CGNPC") signed a cooperation agreement with electricite DE France in Paris.


    Since then, China's premier, li keqiang, during a visit to the UK in June, on nuclear power in areas such as China and Britain signed the joint declaration, the UK welcomes Chinese businesses continue to investment in the UK nuclear power, such as high-speed rail project. "First financial daily" learn from nuclear power company, meanwhile, China's three largest nuclear power company and the local nuclear power company signed a cooperation memorandum.


    In addition, China also reach the cooperation development in November 2013 and Romania cher, ward the nuclear power plant. Coincides with Mr Li to visit Romania at that time. After six months, Romania, local media quoted the country's deputy prime minister, in the words, the industrial and commercial bank of China has agreed to cut the country in his ward of two nuclear power unit construction financing.


    According to a 2014 national work conference on energy data, until 2013, China's nuclear power results only in the "going out" harvest: nuclear construction in Karachi, Pakistan nuclear power plant unit 2 and 3 construction; CGNPC cooperative development with Romania cher, ward plant 3, 4 units.


    Argentina WenHongJun told this newspaper that China's participation in the competition for the construction of nuclear power project has advantages. One is that China's nuclear power technology has the advantage of economy, and technology meet safety standards; 2 it is can help Argentina in nuclear fuel production line. But he said China will also have trouble with Argentina this project.


    The Chinese academy of engineering, nuclear reactors and nuclear power engineering experts Ye Jizhen in May 4th China sustainable development of nuclear power on the BBS, said China's nuclear power to go out to promote advanced energy technology and equipment to go out. ,


    Shanghai electric nuclear power department chief engineer MiaoDeMing was pointed out in the BBS, nuclear power to go out is mainly due to the needs of the industry development. MiaoDeMing summary, manufacturing group to participate in the form of foreign equipment supply about three types: one is the domestic nuclear power company win projects abroad, and domestic manufacturers subcontracting: the second is the domestic nuclear power company and manufacturing group to win projects abroad, manufacture group enterprise take priority; Third, foreign nuclear power companies to undertake foreign projects, will be part of the equipment of the subcontract to domestic enterprises.


    Whether which take the form of MiaoDe confessed, and domestic manufacturing enterprises are in a subordinate status, the coma. That is to say, the equipment group, currently the only option is to keep up with the situation, equality opportunity, do a good job in supporting role, with the domestic nuclear power company for profit distribution.

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