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The specialty is engaged in the new special valve research, development, production and sales, with 109 valid patents, the main production including butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve...

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  • Products are widely used in metallurgy, nuclear power, thermal power, chemical, oil and gas gathering and oil refining, etc...

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    Company held 2014 annual results online presentation

    Number of visits: Date:Jan 7,2016

    For the convenience of the masses of shareholders and investors, especially small and medium-sized investors to further understand the company's 2014 annual production management, product development and market development, and the future development strategy, etc., according to the shenzhen stock exchange, the small and medium-sized enterprise board listed companies standardized operation guide ", the small and medium-sized enterprises board information disclosure business memo # 4: the annual report disclosure related matters, the requirements of the relevant company on April 7, 2015 at 15:00-17:00 in shenzhen securities information co., LTD provides the online interactive platform held 2014 annual online results indicated, with large shareholders and investors through the network communication and communication way. To attend this annual performance presentation guest: chairman Mr Jian-xin wu, President Zhang Yifang lady, independent director Mr De-zhong wang, vice President and board secretary chapter its strong Mr, chief financial officer ms Lin Dongxiang, audit director Mr HongXueChao, etc. Explain in the annual performance by the vast number of shareholders and investors enthusiastic support and response, the company carefully attending leaders and guests, fully answered the questions from shareholders and investors on the interactive platform, the problem of comprehensive recovery rate reached 100%.


    The annual performance presentation is the company's transparency, perfecting the corporate governance, and an important means to improve the level of standard operation, also show the company image and building a harmonious the important measure of investor relations, but also the important way of safeguard investors' legitimate rights and interests. Company attaches great importance to the opportunity to communicate with investors, fully meet the demand of investors reasonable information, and take responsibility to protect investors' legitimate rights and interests earnestly. Company for a long time concern and support the development of the company and actively put forward the proposal of investors say thank, the company will listen to and adopt the reasonable Suggestions of shareholders and investors, to repay masses of investors to better operating results. Hope the broad masses of shareholders and investors can in the future, as always, care and support the development of the company, keep communication with the company.



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