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    True, accurate and complete disclosure of important information is our responsibility
    True, accurate and complete disclosure of important information is our responsibility

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    Jiangsu Shentong: 2013 annual social responsibility report

    Number of visits: Date:Mar 22,2014

    The social responsibility report 2013

    Before the speech


    "Jiangsu avatar valve co., LTD. 2013 annual social responsibility report is jiangsu avatar valve co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as" company "or" the company ") for the third time published social responsibility reports, this report time span for January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013, real, objectively reflect the company is engaged in business management activities to fulfill social responsibility aspects of the important information, interpretation of the company from all aspects of understanding and the understanding of corporate social responsibility. Company as a member of the society, in the process of activity engaged in enterprise management, positive and fulfilling social responsibility, abide by the laws, administrative regulations, observe social ethics, business ethics, honesty and trustworthiness, accept the supervision of the government and the public. This report is the company's social responsibility into the enterprise development strategy and management, participate in building a harmonious socialist society of conscious action.


    As China's valve industry backbone enterprises, the company, as always, to the "industry, benefit mankind" as the enterprise mission, adhere to the "single champion, the industry pioneer, respected, avatar" in one hundred the development of strategic objectives, and "a man without I have, people have my excellent, excellent I am cheap, cheap I turn" of the new product development policy, adhering to the "high and new technology, high-end products, high-end customer service" marketing strategy, adhere to the "strengthening metallurgy, nuclear power, expanding petrochemical, energy services" market positioning and "create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating returns for shareholders, create wealth for the society" the innovation of service concept, in committed to the enterprise to realize the sustainable development, efforts to create shareholder value and protect shareholders' equity at the same time, the economic and social harmonious development and the balance of natural environment and resources, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders also bear corresponding responsibility, promote the company and comprehensive, natural and harmonious development of the society.


    We hope this report can serve as the bridge between communication with the social from all walks of life, communication, also hope to accept the supervision of the society, to better and faster development.


    This report is based on the shenzhen stock exchange listed company social responsibility guidelines ", the company law and other relevant regulations, in combination with the practical situation of the company in the performance of social responsibility establishment, has been examined and passed at the third session of the fifth meeting of board of directors of company.


    We would like to tide of information network through statutory disclosure website (www.cninfo.com.cn) unified release information of the company to perform the social responsibility.

    The first chapter basic information company



    Jiangsu avatar valve co., LTD. Was established in January 2001, in June 2010, listed in shenzhen stock exchange (hereinafter referred to as "avatar" in jiangsu province of securities, security code "002438"), the registered capital of 208 million yuan. Company is currently the ministry of science and technology as high-tech enterprises, China's valve industry association, deputy director of the unit, the national standardization technical committee butterfly valve team leader unit, baosteel equipment and spare parts supply center member factory, innovative pilot enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the top private technology enterprises, energy conservation and emissions reduction demonstration enterprises and intellectual property rights management standardization demonstrative enterprise of jiangsu province. Company mainly engaged in the application in blast furnace gas dry dust removal system in the field of metallurgy, converter gas dust removal and recycling system, coke oven flue gas dust removal system, gas pipe network system of special valve, level used in nuclear power plant nuclear butterfly, nuclear grade ball, non-nuclear butterfly and non-nuclear ball valves, nuclear power equipment, as well as the application in the coal chemical industry, super (super) criticality of thermal power, LNG cryogenic valves and other products development, production and sales.


    Company management to lead all the staff good faith innovation, excellence, since the company since its inception has been committed to the metallurgical special valves and pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant to work with localization of nuclear grade valve, through the introduction, digestion, absorption, create new work to achieve the comprehensive nuclear grade butterfly valve, ball valve localization work, become the domestic nuclear grade butterfly valve, ball valve of the main suppliers. "In 2013, the company continues to consolidate, metallurgy, nuclear power, to enter the petrochemical, energy services" market positioning, through the "lean production project" and "collaborative office OA system construction" the implementation of the project, improve the overall production and efficiency; Through internal control management system carding and perfect, standardize management; Through the implementation of major projects project, improve the overall quality, improve the company's core competitiveness; USES the independent research and development and scientific research institutes of the combination of product development strategies, seize the opportunity make new area development and product upgrading work, relying on scientific and technological innovation, and stronger to do big business.


    Through the joint efforts of the company all staff for many years, "avatar" brand has become well-known brands of the industry, and high quality products the company has received the user's universal praise in the industry. Company 2013 annual business income is 2013.92, ten thousand yuan, up 14.66% from a year earlier, the net profit of 6589.46 ten thousand yuan, up 1.37% from a year earlier.


    Companies adhere to the market and customer demand as the leading direction of the new technology, new product research and development, through continuously increasing investment to realize continuous technical innovation and product upgrade; Sets up "or not to be, do, you must be the best" quality concept; "Manufacturing first-class products, first-class talents, to create first-class enterprise" business objectives. In the process of firm growth, business philosophy with the characteristic of avatar has become the enterprise and the staff, to become the spiritual pillar of the sustained and stable development of enterprises. "Avatar is a factory, a good product;" avatar "is the school, should be a good talent; avatar is a family, we should mutual care" of the enterprise culture has become the spiritual strength of avatar people and value orientation.


    The second chapter, the protection of the rights and interests of shareholders and creditors


    During the reporting period, the company strictly in accordance with the company law, the securities law and the China securities regulatory commission, the shenzhen stock exchange requirements of relevant laws and regulations, perfecting the governance structure, improve the internal control system, standardize operations, strengthen the information disclosure management and investor relations management, fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all shareholders, especially medium and small shareholders and creditors.


    A, perfecting the corporate governance structure, safeguard the interests of the investors


    Since listing, the company legal person governance structure improvement, constantly improve the internal control system, formed a complete set of checks and balances, effective system of internal control system, conscientiously carry out governance activities, through a comprehensive inspection, timely find the deficiencies in the process of corporate governance, analysis the reason positive improvement, with solid foundation, enhance the level of corporate governance. In 2013, the internal control system of the company obtained the effective implementation, and constantly improve the system, including to formulate and implement the "quality accident treatment system", "on special incentives for employees to participate in amateur university", "to work overtime and on duty management approach (trial)", "letters express business management regulations", "construction and incentive methods of independent intellectual property rights", "equipment maintenance management method", "the retired and resigned staff management stipulation", "regulations on the management of the current unit of payment and invoice", the provisions about personal contacts borrowing and so on a number of internal control system, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of all shareholders especially medium and small shareholders and creditors.


    Actively organize company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel to participate in the shenzhen stock exchange, the China securities supervision and administration commission of jiangsu authority and the sponsor organizations in all kinds of training, improve standard operation and standard management consciousness, strengthen to eliminate illegal occupy funds and guarantee behavior such as understanding, better performance of the planning work responsibility of the corporate governance, to protect the interests of the investors.


    Second, the specification "three runs," ensure that shareholders' legal rights and interests


    During the reporting period, the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors and board of supervisors "three would" standardized operation, every general meeting of shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors, etc in strict accordance with the provisions of organization. Companies adhere to the fair treatment of all shareholders, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders, especially minority shareholders, "three would" vote by live meeting, communication, network voting meeting a variety of ways, let more shareholders to attend the general meeting of shareholders, to ensure that the major issues of the shareholders of the company's right to know, to participate and voting rights, at the same time employ have qualified lawyers to the scene to witness the convening of a shareholders' meeting.


    A shareholders' meeting in 2013, the company has three times (1st annual shareholders meeting, and extraordinary shareholders' general meeting twice), including the annual general meeting of shareholders by adopting the combination of on-site voting and online vote vote, a total of eight times board meeting (the second session of the board of directors held four times, the third session of the board of directors held four times), held a total of 6 times of the board of supervisors (3 times held the second session of the board of supervisors, the third session of the board of supervisors at 3 times). The board of directors of the company in line with the shareholders, the spirit of seeking truth from facts, to actively take part in company's 2013 annual meeting of the board of directors, the professional committee of the board and general meeting of shareholders, on the basis of expertise and experience to make independent judgment, independent advice on, vote on the bill, according to a defined procedure for the board of directors to make correct and scientific decision play a positive role.


    Third, strict information disclosure obligations, and constantly strengthen the investor relations management


    During the reporting period, the company according to the relevant provisions of timely, accurate and complete disclosure of corporate information, the information disclosure work, adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, there is no selective disclosure behavior, to ensure the shareholder's right to know in case of important matters and company. Company formulation and strictly implement the system of information disclosure affairs management, the system of annual report disclosure major mistake responsibility and the system of investor relations management, by the board office responsible for information disclosure affairs management and investor relations.


    At the same time, the company set up effective channels of communication with investors, set up a special line and special mailbox, investors accept consulting, the company's web site is equipped with the investor relations column, at the same time to arrange special personnel responsible for the "interactive platform" investors question solution, maintain effective interaction with investors, all investors have the opportunity to learn from a variety of sources.


    In 2013, the company disclosed the regular reports and interim announcement by the regulation of the 36, make investors to fully understand the company in a timely manner, a public notice in 2012 annual report, the company also held 2012 annual online results indicated, chairman of the board of directors of the company, Mr Jian-xin wu, President of ms Zhang Yifang, independent director Mr Arnold sprenger chapter, vice President and secretary of the board, securities transactions on behalf of Mr Its strong Chen Mingdi ms, chief financial officer ms Wang Feizhou, audit manager Mr HongXueChao, huatai united securities co., LTD. Mr Sponsor representative JiPing took part in the performance presentation, on the meeting, company directors and executives and investors question has carried on the detailed answers.


    Fourth, insist on cash dividend policy, to ensure that the shareholders a stable return on investment


    The company's profit distribution policy made clear, considering the company are in development stage, operating scale, profitability, cash dividends and capital accumulation fund turn add equity and profit distribution plan, to give shareholders a reasonable return on investment, allow investors to form a stable returns. Company revised the company's articles of association, the requirement to the cash dividend, made "the next three years (2012 ~ 2014) shareholder returns planning", the revised proportion of profit distribution policy, standards, and clear, clear, profit distribution policy to adjust or change the conditions and procedures for compliance, transparent, fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors.


    Company cash dividends in recent 3 years in the following table:

    Units: ten thousand yuan

    分红Share out bonus

    年度The annual

    现金分红金额 (含税)Cash dividend amount (tax included)

    分红年度合并报表中归属于上市公司股东的净利润Dividends in the annual consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies

    占合并报表中归属于上市公司股东的净利润的比率For consolidated in the ratio of net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies

    年度可分配利润The annual distributable profits

    2012年In 2012,





    2011年In 2011,





    2010年In 2010,





    最近三年累计现金分红金额占年均净利润的比例(%)In recent three years accumulative total cash dividend amount of annual net profit ratio (%)



    2013年度利润分配预案:以2013年12月31日深圳证券交易所收市后的总股本208,000,000股为基数,向全体股东每10股派发现金红利0.50元(含税),共计派发现金红利10,400,000.00元。2013 annual profit distribution plan: on December 31, 2013, the shenzhen stock exchange after the closing of the total equity base 208000000 shares, every 10 shares distributed to all shareholders in cash dividend of 0.50 yuan (including tax), a total of distributing cash dividend $10400000.00.公司2013年度不以资本公积金转增股本。Company in 2013 not to turn add equity capital accumulation fund.该议案在获得2013年年度股东大会审议并通过后实施。The bill in the 2013 annual general meeting of shareholders after review and implementation.

    Chapter iii protection of the rights and interests


    Company always adhere to the people-oriented concept, the staff as enterprise survival and development of precious resources, the development of the employees and the development of the enterprise, constantly improve the mechanism of the enterprise employee, through various channels and ways to improve employees' working environment, improve the staff salary, to stimulate every staff's work enthusiasm and creativity, provide sustainable development opportunities and space for employees, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees.


    One, the company strictly abide by the "labor law", "labor contract law" and other relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with law, protect the lawful rights and interests of workers. Further revision in the reporting period to perfect the relevant management system of labor employment and welfare; Combined with the actual situation of enterprises adjust schedules of the seasons; Sign labor contracts with all employees, the company and the employee shall be borne according to the provisions of the labor contract obligations and rights. Strict accordance with the provisions of the relevant national social insurance pay housing accumulation fund and endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, birth insurance and other social insurance, every month on time full specified amount to pay the insurance fee, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor department in a timely manner to deal with the new employer, employee labor contracts, social insurance and other related procedures, to ensure that employees enjoy social insurance treatment, make the staff in the provide for the aged, sick, inductrial injury, unemployment, maternity cases can get help and compensation in time, and implement such as Hugh annual leave with salary, benefits, make employees in a fair and just environment to work and seek development.


    Second, the company set up and implemented by the ability to work and paid according to the performance of the performance evaluation mechanism, set up evaluation index system of science, to the enterprise internal each responsibility unit and employee performance evaluation and objective evaluation regularly, and as the results of evaluation to determine employee compensation and promotion, assessment, demotion, dismissal, hills, etc. Through special inspection team to evaluate business work effect in real time, rewards and punishment in a timely manner. Company according to the situation of the industry and the company is located, to provide the stable and competitive compensation and salary system of production line workers of piecework; Management and technology, research and development, sales and other employee compensation consists of basic salary and performance salary, a monthly salary system of performance appraisal. Company combining with the same industry and local human resources market salary level changes timely adjust, form is paid according to ability to mount guard, according to the performance of performance appraisal and incentive constraint mechanism, to attract and retain talents, provide human resources guarantee for the development of the company.


    Third, the company attaches great importance to production safety, comply with the national production safety laws and regulations, pay attention to employees' physical and mental health, actively promote the safe production management. Company passed the GB/T 19001-19001 / ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, GB/T 24001-2004 / ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system and GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Company belongs to the general machinery manufacturing companies, so pay more attention to in production safety risk assessment, according to different positions, for employees with the necessary labor protection articles and protection facilities, set up the safety department is responsible for work safety in production, equipped with full-time job of production safety and safety personnel, establish the relevant systems and contingency plans to prevent risks, prone to production safety accidents in the production and operation process of link for the screening and identification, through a month of work safety in production meeting regularly, effectively guard against and control risk.


    Fourth, the company always adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees. Company scale expands unceasingly, the number of employees increases gradually, the company regularly organize the staff physical examination, found that the problem timely recheck to see a doctor; Do summer cooling purposes, as the new staff dormitory, accommodation staff live in the spacious room, the company in each new dormitory installed the air conditioning, TV and a heater, has greatly improved the living conditions of employees. Company during the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival holiday for all staff to extend consolation money and gifts, send warmth of enterprise to the staff's heart.


    Five, the company is very pay attention to the cultivation of the talent and reserves. Company was established in terms of employee training system of training system, the introduction of network teaching resources for the training of employees learn, improve skills, each year, the company human resources with the demand of company development at the beginning of this detailed training plan, targeted to carry out such as the new staff induction training, project management, technology research and development, business consulting and training courses. In 2013, according to the company's annual work objectives and requirements, various training tasks completed, the year in the form of internal classes, part-time lecturer organization 48 kinds of training, to participate in the 1881 m; Sent outside form of organization of the professional qualification forensics, post skills training, management knowledge, technical knowledge and business knowledge training and other kinds of 60 time, participate in the 244 person-time, obtain the qualification certificate of qualification of profession of 125, 48 this training certificate. New office, all the year round review personnel qualification certificate of a total of 125 people, there are 48 people have obtained a certificate of training. In 2014, will continue to according to according to the various aspects needs scientific and rational set up the annual training plan, in strict accordance with the annual training timely monthly training plan, organize and implement all kinds of internal and external training, through training to improve overall quality, human resources development for the company reserves.


    Six, the company attaches great importance to strengthen the communication with staff and communication. Company at regular employees birthday symposium, to the internal publication "avatar grace", open the company website and OA office automation systems, set up the bridge of the company and the employees, making it the company's internal exchange experience, reporting information, display results, the commendation advanced, encouraging an important platform.


    Seven, all kinds of cultural and entertainment activities, rich amateur cultural life of the employees. Company is equipped with a worker entertainment places, such as books reading room, table tennis room, basketball court, etc. Company Labour union for holidays actively held various forms of activities, such as singing contest, contests, and table tennis, basketball, etc. Monthly birthday seminar, make the employees feel the warmth of family, to increase the cohesion of the staff, team cooperation consciousness and the collective sense of honor. At the same time held in 2013 New Year evening party and haining Tours and other activities, through these activities, in the production of stress of the job, adjust employees' body and mind, promote the emotional communication between the employees. 2013 union organized 6 times worker labor competition, and 8 times the worker cultural activities, organized three democratic appraisal of middle managers.


    The fourth chapter the protection of the rights and interests of suppliers and customers




    Since listing, the company has always followed the principle of "equality and mutual benefit, win-win cooperation", actively build and develop the partnership between our customers and suppliers, pay attention to the communication and coordination with all aspects of stakeholders. Company management puts forward the construction of "six satisfaction project" target, namely: create value for customers, customer satisfaction; For the supplier to achieve progress, satisfy the supplier; Create opportunities for employees, employee satisfaction; Create taxes for the government to government satisfaction; Create wealth for the society, make social satisfaction; To create shareholder returns to shareholders' satisfaction. To build a respected listed companies, promote the company sustained, stable and healthy development.


    Supplier is an important partner of the company, the company in line with the principle of win-win cooperation, make progress together with supplier, we must stick to the policy of "professional production, social collaboration", honest and trustworthy, for the supplier development and progress, fully respect the legitimate rights and interests of suppliers, strictly protect supplier's confidential information and proprietary information, and maintain a long-term good relations of cooperation, to promote win-win cooperation and development. Usually pay attention to the communication with suppliers, supplier quality meeting regularly, and a supplier annual review meeting every year. The company has established stable supplier supply channel, the need to purchase the raw material of classify, widely, filter supplier information collection, its economic strength, quality management, delivery and supply price review, ensure that the procurement of raw materials can meet the needs of the company's business. Company qualified supplier database is established, and in the subsequent cooperation in the supervision and management of supplier continuous and regular evaluation. Company to monitor the daily procurement for, for purchasing quantity and price control department, to the supervision of the procurement contract compliance legitimacy, the financial department in accordance with the purchase contract and material delivery situation, on time payment to supplier. To supplier to implement dynamic management, and promote the benign competition between suppliers, push supplier continuously improve product quality and service quality, and achieve common progress.


    Create value for customers is our starting point and the foothold, all to customer satisfaction as a measure of enterprise each work the criterion, attaches great importance to the win-win relationship with customers, in providing customers with high quality products at the same time, take the initiative to provide service for the customer, the anxious customer anxious. Company each department set up quality management, the personnel responsible for on-site production and business operation in the process of quality management, guarantee the quality of material procurement, production process control, to ensure that only qualified materials into production, unqualified material to flow into the next production link, the qualified finished products from the factory to warehouse or sales, the prevention and control of nonconforming product. Company quality assurance do to control the company production and operation of quality management activities supervision, and examination, the quality, environment, occupational health and safety, measurement management, API and implementation of management system for supervision and inspection, maintenance, customer product quality requirements, timely handling of customer quality feedback. In addition, the company through the customer pays a return visit regularly, issuing "customer satisfaction questionnaire" and so on a variety of channels to collect customer comments, in a timely manner to understand the needs of the clients and opinion, the company at the end of each year to all customers conduct customer satisfaction survey activities, with the method of separation of heavy computation, it is concluded that customer satisfaction, as an important basis for the annual management review and service improvement.


    In terms of marketing, the company by providing quality products to win customers trust, the good faith management, put an end to violation of business ethics and the market rules, the influence of fair competition improper trading behavior, promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of the company. Company also has a perfect after-sale service measures, set up after-sales service department and equipped with professional personnel, to provide quality services to customers, to ensure customer satisfaction, to create a harmonious customer relationship.

    Chapter v of environment protection and sustainable development

    Company has always been attached great importance to environmental protection and pollution prevention and control work, as a highly social responsibility of enterprises, the company always put environmental protection as the important content of sustainable development of the company, actively respond to a nation on the construction of environment-friendly, resource-conserving society, to perform the duties of enterprise environmental protection, insist on technological innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, strive for development of the company's impact on the environment to a minimum. Through the introduction of advanced energy-saving equipment and optimize manufacturing process, reduce the energy consumption, and reduced emissions of waste. The company strictly abide by state laws and regulations on environmental protection, formulate a set of environmental risk emergency plan management system and environmental protection, to prevent the environmental risks. The company during the reporting period there have been no any environmental violations, not received the punishment of the environmental protection department, and timely discharge of pay of full specified amount.


    The company vigorously promote circular economy and strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources. Company through publicity column, the internal forms such as newspaper, banner, constantly enhance the consciousness of energy saving, environmental protection, training employees in work and life form to save electricity, water, paper, consciously oil habit; Company through OA office system and ERP resources management system software, set up a complete set of the paperless office system, greatly save the company office costs; Through the office paper double-sided use, paper recycling, etc., save a lot of paper, ink consumption, reduce the resource usage, to eliminate the waste; Save the communication cost and mailing costs, but also reduces the contact by telephone, fax and mail communication lines and postal resource utilization to the society. Let each employee from small start around a bit, to save the company and the social resources, to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, advocate green life, construction of ecological civilization, to build an environment-friendly society contribution strength.


    In 2013 to raise for project construction process, the company using the concept of cleaner production, according to the characteristics of the nuclear power products process, focus on scientific research personnel, through public bidding, the use of advanced technology and clean production technology, realized the purpose of the clean production of nuclear power ball valve plant, improve the staff's working environment, improve the labor productivity, for two consecutive years to obtain the local government "energy conservation and circular economy key project plan".


    Chapter vi of safe production and occupational health


    "There is no security, everything is equal to zero", the premise and foundation of safety production is the enterprise survival and development, is a reliable guarantee for implementation efficiency of enterprises, is the biggest benefits of employees, is one of the biggest social responsibility of enterprises. Company attaches great importance to production safety management work, set up the safety department is responsible for the supervision and administration of production safety, fully implement the leadership responsibility system, each department, each team unity to sign the production safety liability form, clear responsibility, the work to the people. Safety department every day to keep safety inspections, check hidden dangers, "three violations", found the problem, and solve in time, the company to eliminate safe hidden trouble in the bud, which laid a foundation for the company's continuous improvement of production safety.


    In order to achieve high standards and strict on-site safety production management, the company hired a professional intermediary institutions to provide safe production management for the company guidance and standardization of the consulting service, greatly improve the ability of the company safety production management, safety recommendations put forward by the experts of mediation mechanism, safety department, organize relevant departments to formulate corrective plan earnestly implement, don't go through the motions, rewards and punishment, improve the effect of review corrective. Company human resources through the implementation of the special training to improve key positions and security risk identification and evaluation skills. Company each department to sift the production technology and all kinds of risks existing in the operation process, based on the improved process safety technical codes, safety work instruction and all kinds of accident emergency plan, further improve the employee ability of risk identification.


    Company seriously implement the state council on a series of policy decisions, strengthen production safety work in accordance with the full cover, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, pragmatic general requirements, the comprehensive governance of the February production safety hidden trouble, plug up loopholes in safety supervision, strengthen production safety measures. Six times in 2013, the company safety education training, participants, 552; Accept the company's new employees for tertiary education, 131. 28 2013 organizations of various kinds of special inspection, daily inspection twice a day, to find out the potential accidents basic on time rectification, ZhengGaiLv amounted to 96%. In 2014, the company's production safety work goal: zero injury, zero pollution, zero accident. In accordance with the requirements of the mechanical manufacturing enterprise safety production standardization, strengthen the company's production safety management, truly achieve operation standardization, the standardization and management standardization.


    Chapter 7, public relations and the social public welfare undertakings


    The company's steady development cannot leave the support of the society, repay society is the responsibility of the enterprise. As a member of the society, while balancing the interests of companies, shareholders and other relevant circumstances, actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, to influence their own development and promoting the revitalization of the local economy, the pursuit of profit and social responsibility of organic fuses in together, with love to give back to society, actively participate in and support the social public welfare activities. Such as fighting against natural disasters, support the commonweal philanthropy, education, advocating the company all staff with gratitude to actively participate in and dedicate their love.


    1, the company actively with the government departments, industry associations, regulatory authorities and related media to maintain communication and contact, the relevant departments according to laws and regulations of supervision and inspection, to actively cooperate with and assist, doing their own responsibility and obligation.


    2, the good faith management, tax according to law, contribute to social and national development. The company shall pay taxes according to law as to fulfill the social responsibility, to give back to society the most basic requirement, long declare tax, pay taxes in time. Company for many years become one of the large taxpayer of qidong, effectively support the national and local finances, many times by local government departments of recognition and reward.


    3, the company actively participate in social public welfare undertakings. Company and employees to the social public welfare and charity donation actively, and to carry out the pair for poverty alleviation, education aid, unpaid blood donation activities. In addition, the company keep communication with the social from all walks of life, art performance and harmonious community construction activities, obtain good social influence. Qidong charitable foundation in 2013, to donate a total of 750000 yuan, sent to the social vulnerable groups and difficult people warm.




    The company's growth and positive enterprise bear the social responsibility to supplement each other, inseparable. In the past year, the development of the company is facing opportunities and challenges, through cooperation with friends from all walks of life and the joint efforts of all staff, the company achieved good operating results. In this thanks to the government departments at all levels, the masses of customers, suppliers, friends and the investors and friends from various circles of society to the company's strong support and love.


    In 2014, the company will continue to speed up technological innovation, enhance the level of customer service, improve customer satisfaction, to create more value for our shareholders. Attaches great importance to the customer relationship management and investor relations management, adhere to the "people-oriented", promote the innovation in enterprise culture construction and human resource management, ensure the staff rights and interests, to provide a broader career development space for employees. Social responsibility actively, accept the supervision of the social from all walks of life, constantly improve the company social responsibility management system construction, strengthen the communication with all stakeholders and the exchange, continue to support the social public welfare undertakings, to promote the harmonious development of the company and the society to make new contributions.


    Welcome the social people from all walks of life and the investors for the purpose of this report put forward valuable advice, help the company in fulfilling social responsibility aspects of continuous improvement, we will carefully listen to your feedback and extend our heartfelt thanks.




    Our contact information:


    Department: jiangsu avatar valve co., LTD., the board office


    Address: jiangsu qidong nanyang town of hing north street no. 88


    Telephone: 0513-83335899


    Fax: 0513-83335998


    Mail: zhangqq@stfm.cn




    Jiangsu Shentong valve co., LTD., the board of directors


    On March 16, 2014

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