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    True, accurate and complete disclosure of important information is our responsibility
    True, accurate and complete disclosure of important information is our responsibility

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    Jiangsu Shentong: 2014 annual social responsibility report

    Number of visits: Date:Apr 2,2015
    Jiangsu Shentong valve Limited by Share Ltd
    2014 annual social responsibility report
    Forward speech
    The Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd 2014 annual social responsibility report "is the 贝博在线-ballbet娱乐-贝博官方网站 (hereinafter referred to as" company "or" the company ") the fourth time published social responsibility report. This report time span for 2014 January 1, 2014 to December 31, true, objectively reflect the important information in management activities engaged in fulfilling social responsibility, from the aspects of interpretation of the company on corporate social responsibility awareness and understanding. Content, including the comprehensive development of the state and society, the natural environment and resources, as well as shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees and other stakeholders should bear the responsibility. Since listing in 2010, the company has always been the social responsibility awareness and concept throughout the development strategy of enterprises, production and management and all aspects of management, in practice, deepen reform, strengthen management, innovation, accelerate development, strictly comply with social ethics, business ethics, to accept the supervision of the government and the public. This report is the corporate social responsibility of the enterprise's development strategy and management, participate in the construction of a socialist harmonious society conscious action.
    As the backbone enterprises Chinese valve industry company, as in the past to "service industry, for the benefit of mankind" as the enterprise mission, to create first-class products, creating first-class talents, create first-class enterprise, create a hundred years, adhere to the "Avatar" as the goal, to consolidate the development of nuclear power, metallurgy, petrochemical, energy development service "and" market positioning to create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating shareholder returns, create wealth for the society "business purpose, adhere to the" technology by making the enterprise stronger, rely on management to enterprise reality, relying on marketing to enterprise and development ideas, talents for the development of enterprise ", adhere to the high-tech, high-end products, high-end services customers are committed to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises, and strive to create shareholder value, the protection of the interests of shareholders at the same time, the harmonious development of economic society, The balance of natural environment and resources, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders also assume the corresponding responsibility to promote the company and the community's comprehensive, natural, coordinated development.
    We hope that this report can play a bridge role in communication and communication with the community, but also hope to accept social supervision, to promote better and faster development of the company.
    This report is based on the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing Corporation social responsibility guidelines", "Shenzhen stock exchange small and medium-sized enterprise board listing Corporation norms operational guidelines" and other relevant provisions, combined with the company in the fulfillment of social responsibility of the actual situation of the preparation, has the third meeting of the eleventh board of directors considered and passed.
    This report for the Chinese, and in the company's legal information disclosure website cninf (www.cninfo.com.cn) unified release the company to fulfill social responsibility of the relevant information.
    The basic situation of the company in the first chapter
    Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd was established in January 2001, in June 2010 in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed (securities referred to as "Jiangsu supernatural powers", stock code "002 438), the registered capital of 20800 million yuan. The company is currently the Ministry of science and technology that high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises in the province, the province's energy-saving emission reduction demonstration enterprises and Provincial Intellectual Property Management Standardization outstanding demonstration enterprise. Is a unit of China Valve Industry Association vice president, the valve Standardization Technical Committee member units, national valve Standards Technical Committee valve working group units, Baosteel equipment and spare parts jointly developed member units of the supply center, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation network member of the material supply units, China Guangdong nuclear power nuclear power equipment localization of joint R & D center members of the unit. Has a civil nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing license, pressure vessels and pressure piping components manufacturing license TS-A1 (2), TS-A2 (2), with China Petroleum and natural gas group company supplies access card, with the French classification society BV factory approved the ship valve door registration certificate, made the German TUV fire certificate. Through the American Petroleum Institute 6D API609, API certification and ISO9001 quality management system, ISO10012 measurement management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
    Company is mainly engaged in the application of blast furnace gas all dry dusting system, converter gas dust removal and recovery system, coke oven flue gas dust removal system, gas pipe network system of special valves, nuclear power plant nuclear grade butterfly valve, nuclear grade ball valve, non nuclear grade ball valve and its ancillary equipment, as well as applied to coal chemical, ultra supercritical thermal power, LNG ultra low temperature valves and other products R & D, production and sales.

    In 2014, the company management focus on the board to determine the annual development goals, adhere to the "to consolidate the development of nuclear power, metallurgy, petrochemical, energy development services" market positioning, through the lean production project implementation and consulting project to promote supernatural wisdom, to further optimize the allocation of resources, increase the vitality of enterprises through management innovation, deepen the internal management innovation, improve efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen technology research and product line extension, based on consolidating the traditional advantages of the industry and the market share of products, and constantly open up new markets and new customers, with the effect of the initial investment continues to appear, and continue to strengthen the cooperation with key customers, the business target market success. The company achieved a total operating income of 2014 yuan, down 8.90%, net profit of yuan, down18.33%。

    The second chapter is the protection of the rights and interests of shareholders and creditors
    During the reporting period, the company strictly in accordance with the company law, the securities law and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Shenzhen stock exchange relevant laws and regulations, and constantly improve the governance structure, improve the internal control system, standardize the operation of the company, strengthen information disclosure management and investor relations management, fully protect all shareholders, especially minority shareholders, the legitimate rights and interests of creditors.
    One, constantly improve the corporate governance structure, safeguard the interests of investors
    During the reporting period, the company continued to improve the governance structure, the integrity of the standardized operation, establish and improve the internal management and control system, and effectively improve the level of corporate governance. By the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and managers of the power and responsibility is clear, mutual checks and balances, mutual coordination, complement each other's corporate governance structure. In addition to the "articles of association", the company also developed a "rules of procedure of the general meeting of shareholders", "rules of directors meetings", "the rules of the board of supervisors", clear the shareholders' general meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and managers of the duties and rights, working procedures, to ensure that decision-making, implementation and supervision of mutual separation.
    The company actively organizing directors, supervisors and senior management personnel to participate in the Shenzhen stock exchange, China Securities Regulatory Commission Jiangsu authority and the sponsor organization of the training, improve standardized operation and standardized management awareness, strengthen the understanding of illegal occupation of funds and illegal occupation protection and other acts, to better fulfill the planning company management, protection of the interests of investors work duties.
    Two, regulate the three will operate to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders
    Since listing, the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors, the three will continue to regulate the operation of the system to improve and perfect the formation of a set of checks and balances, effective internal management and control system, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of all shareholders and creditors. Companies in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the general meeting of listing Corporation and the company's articles of association, to ensure that all shareholders, especially minority shareholders entitled to equal status, can fully exercise their power. Companies in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission convened, held a general meeting of shareholders, and invited lawyers to witness, to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of all shareholders, especially minority shareholders are not violated.
    2014, the company held a total of 1 shareholders of the general assembly (annual general meeting 1 times), including the annual general meeting of the voting and online voting by the combination of the voting method to vote, the board of directors held 5 times, the board of supervisors held 4 times. The independent directors of the company are responsible for the shareholders, the spirit of seeking truth from facts, actively participate in the company's 2014 annual board of directors, board of directors and the general meeting of the board of directors, based on professional competence and experience to make independent judgments, put forward independent opinion, in accordance with the provisions of the program to vote on the motion, the board of directors to make the correct, scientific decision-making play an active role.
    Three, strictly fulfill the obligation of information disclosure, and constantly strengthen investor relations management
    Company under the administration of information disclosure system "," annual report information disclosure of major responsibility for an error in the accountability system, "the provisions, timely, accurate and complete, fair disclosed the information related to the company for the year 2014 production management, and published in the" Securities Times "," China Securities News "and the huge influx of information online for the majority of investors access to. In the work of information disclosure, adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, there is no selective information disclosure behavior, to ensure that the shareholders of the company's major issues and operating conditions of the right to know.
    Companies to carry out various forms of investor relations activities, to promote investor understanding and recognition of the company, to promote rational investment, and the public to establish a good image of the company's good faith. In the company's website in a timely manner to publish the company's recent important news, to further allow investors and the general public to fully understand the company's operating conditions, set the investor relations column, in a timely manner to update the relevant information and answer investor advice. The company also through the field to receive individual, institutional investors to visit, field visits, company executives to accept media interviews and other activities, so that investors have the opportunity to understand the company from a variety of channels.
    In 2014, the company according to the disclosure of periodic reports and interim reports of a total of 32 copies, making investors timely and comprehensive understanding of the company's operating conditions, in the 2013 annual report announcement, the company also held 2013 annual results online briefing, the company chairman Mr. Wu Jianxin, Ms. Zhang Yifang, President of the independent director Mr. Song Yinli, vice president of the board of directors on behalf of Ms. Li Shi sponsor Secretary of Mr. Zhang Qiqiang and chief financial officer, Ms. Lin al audit manager Mr. Hong Xuechao, Huatai Securities Co. in the results that will be, in that meeting, the medium and small investors to actively participate in the inquiry, the company directors and executives of investors on the issues raised in detail.
    Four, adhere to the cash dividend policy, to ensure a stable return on investment of shareholders
    Companies in the steady growth of economic benefits at the same time, pay attention to the reasonable return of investors, and actively build a harmonious relationship between the shareholders. In order to reasonably formulate the cash dividend policy and the corresponding decision-making procedures, improve the cash dividend information disclosure and supervision mechanism, according to the relevant requirements of the regulatory authorities, combined with the actual situation of the company, the company developed the next three years (2012 ~ 2014) shareholder return plan, and put forward the minimum proportion of cash dividends, and actively return to shareholders.
    The cash dividends of the company in the last 3 years are as follows:
    Unit: million
    A bonus
    Amount of cash dividends (including tax)
    The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listing Corporation in the annual consolidated statements of dividends
    Percentage of net profit attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation in the consolidated statement
    Annual profit distribution
    One thousand and forty
    Six thousand five hundred and eighty-nine point four six
    Twenty-four thousand seven hundred and ten point five seven
    One thousand and forty
    Six thousand and five hundred point four five
    Nineteen thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight point two eight
    One thousand and forty
    Five thousand and eighty-six point six seven
    Fourteen thousand nine hundred and fifty point four seven
    Cumulative cash dividends over the last three years account for an average annual net profit (%).
    2014 annual profit distribution plan: in the total share capital after December 31, 2014, the Shenzhen stock exchange closed 208 million shares as the base, to all shareholders for every 10 shares to distribute cash dividends 0.50 yuan (including tax), for a total payment of cash dividend of $10400000 The year 2014 the company not to the capital reserve. The motion in the 2014 annual general meeting to consider and after the implementation of the annual general meeting.
    The third chapter is the protection of employees' rights
    Companies always adhere to the people-oriented concept, the staff as a valuable resource for enterprise survival and development, the development of staff and the development of the enterprise together, and constantly improve the employment mechanism, through a variety of channels and ways to improve the working environment, improve staff salaries, to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of each employee, to provide sustainable development opportunities and space, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
    First, the company strictly abide by the "labor law", "labor contract law" and other relevant laws and regulations, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Signed the "labor contract" with all employees, the wages of employees, working hours and rest and vacation, labor security, social insurance and welfare, job training and other content specific, the company and the staff are under the contract of labor obligations, the right to enjoy. Strict implementation of the provisions of the relevant state social insurance, housing provident fund and pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and other social insurance payment, monthly timely and full payment of the cost of insurance, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor department in time for new recruits, turnover personnel labor contracts, social insurance, and other related procedures, to ensure that employees enjoy social insurance benefits, so that employees in old-age, illness, injury, unemployment and maternity cases to get timely help and compensation, and the implementation of paid Hugh annual leave and other benefits, so that employees in a fair and just environment work in peace, seeking development.
    Two, the company adhere to the scientific "duty posts, people to post the principle of flexible adjustment of position setting and personnel allocation. Company to establish and implement the strength posts, performance by the collar salary performance evaluation mechanism, set up a scientific evaluation index system, regular assessment and objective evaluation on enterprise interior each responsibility unit and the employee's performance and the evaluation results as a basis for determining employee compensation and post Jin Sheng, appraising, demotion, transfer Kong, such as the dismissal of. For strengthening overfulfill Award "plan to improve the incentive effect of the operating results of the company, the company management team on the overall objectives of the company completed assume more responsibility, according to different degrees of relevance, the release of the staff in charge of more than a month of" overfulfill award respectively with the company or division monthly team performance indicators hook.
    Three, the company always adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees. The continuous expansion of business scale, gradually increase the number of employees, regularly organize staff physical examination, found problems in a timely manner to recheck treatment; summer heatstroke prevention measures do, with the use of investment in new employee dormitory, employee accommodation are living on the spacious room, company in each new dormitory are installed on the air conditioning, TV, water heater, greatly improved the living conditions of the staff. Companies during the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival and other holiday gifts for all employees, the warmth of the enterprise to the staff of the heart.
    Four, the company focus on personnel training and reserves. Build a relatively complete training system, the annual human resources department to organize various departments for the staff's job ability demand and the degree of preparation of the annual training plan, targeted to carry out such as new recruits training, project management, technical research and development, business consulting and other effective training courses. Annual work objectives and requirements, according to the company's annual work objectives and requirements, the successful completion of the annual internal and external training 83 times, 1831 people, including: external training 44 times, 113 people participated in trips; internal training 1718 times, management knowledge training 5 times, 3 times the quality assurance system training, technical knowledge training 13 times, intellectual property training 2 times, job training 20 times, job skills training 7 times, safe production 3 times, nuclear safety culture 8 times 1 times. Annual new office, review the qualification certificate 69. By 2015, the company will continue to according to the needs of the scientific, reasonable annual training plan, by 2015, the focus of the work of training for nuclear safety culture, company nucleo cytoplasmic retention system training workshop worker of a gleam of mechanical knowledge map, equipment operation and maintenance skills upgrading training.
    Five, the company attaches great importance to strengthen communication and communication with employees. By the employee of the company, production scheduling, staff birthday forum, meeting and the supernatural style newspaper, the corporate intranet, micro channel circle of friends and other forms, employees and the company are timely and extensive exchanges and do on the other. The leadership of the company through its regular monthly timely to publicizing the employees' development strategic planning and goals, positioning and annual plan, etc..
    Six, to carry out all kinds of cultural and recreational activities, enrich the amateur cultural life of employees. To create a full participation management organizational culture and atmosphere, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff of initiative and enthusiasm, the company launched flexible organizational activities, such as: Standard team, QC group and 5S activity, the group of regular activities, also carried out reasonable suggestions, supernatural good voice Qing song of the race, and athletic competitions, technical contest etc. various forms of activities, allowing employees to show their talents to the full.
    Supplier and customer rights protection in the fourth chapter
    Suppliers and customers are the company's partners, the company is a valuable resource, but also a component of the competitiveness of the company. The company has always followed the principle of "equality and mutual benefit, cooperation and mutual benefit", and actively build and develop the partnership with suppliers and customers, and focus on the communication and coordination with stakeholders.
    Supplier is an important partner of the company, the company through the screening and evaluation, has been in good reputation and good quality suppliers to establish a long-term, excellent strategic partnership, stable and reliable supply channels, through the establishment of strategic partnership to ensure the timely supply of materials required by the company. Companies to follow the principle of equality, fairness and impartiality sampling and data exchange, always adhere to the "long-term cooperation, achieve win-win" concept, accessories and materials procurement and other independent procurement strict tender, tender evaluation by the procurement department, the Ministry of finance, the unit sent to participate in the same quality than price, the implementation of goods than three, to ensure open, fair and just. The company carries on an appraisal to the supplier every year, carries on the classified management, introduces the high quality supplier resources, promotes the supplier self perfection, continuous improvement, reduces the purchase cost, enhances the competitive power of the supply chain.
    Companies are highly concerned about the customers and market needs, expectations and preferences, always to customer satisfaction as the focus, with strategic customers established mutual trust mechanism, at the beginning of the year signed contract of supply and marketing, the market changes, and clients were taking risks. For customers in the quality of complaints, the company started the rapid response mechanism to ensure that the interests of customers are not subject to loss. The company regularly through the survey questionnaire, different regions, different levels of customer analysis, take a series of countermeasures, to understand and determine customer requirements, expectations and make purchase decisions of key factors, different customers with targeted measures, from product design, production, marketing, service and other whole process tailored to meet customer needs, while identifying innovative opportunities, such as: the company Metallurgical service personnel, the customer service found that the development of metallurgical valve spare parts market opportunities.
    Companies regularly organize marketing meetings, according to the market and customer demand feedback information, the company developed an effective marketing strategy to guide customer needs, and constantly improve customer satisfaction; marketing department held a monthly strategic analysis, the last month's market situation analysis, and next month's work plan for the design, through the market expansion management, increased market share, accelerate the withdrawal of receivables.

    The fifth chapter is environmental protection and can besustained development

    Company is highly concerned about the environmental and ecological protection, strict compliance with international standards and environmental standards and requirements, to create a beautiful environment, fresh air green eco industrial park, the company increased investment, has completed the plant green, clean sewer, noise reduction and other items.
    According to the valve industry production and management features, the company's senior leadership to safety accident rate, environmental pollution accident, customer satisfaction rate, production costs, product quality as a key performance indicators, safety production accidents and environmental pollution accident assessment one vote veto, clearly put forward "people oriented, safety first; strict management, and timely stop" requirements, through strong measures and management, ensure that employees and the public have a safe production environment and harmonious living environment.
    The company through technical transformation, to achieve environmental dust, rain and sewage diversion, waste water purification, cooling water cycle and other objectives, to protect the health of employees, the environment for the survival of human contribution to the responsibility, to achieve organizational strategic objectives to provide a guarantee. Energy saving, the company on the basis of research on the high power motor frequency transformation; comprehensive utilization of resources, the company vigorously promote circular economy, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources, the company casting workshop the utilization rate as a benchmark of integrated resources, seriously study the development of waste sand, scrap recycling technology, scrap recycling rate from the beginning of the 50% to 85%, according to the existing production scale, a year Recyclable 1800 tons, increase the benefits for the enterprise, but also make a contribution as resources comprehensive utilization and sustainable development, and achieved good social benefits; public health, the company pay attention to public health and safety, adherence to the "Disease enters by the mouth. assigned responsibility for". Staff canteen and dormitory hygiene and safety, the canteen staff once every half a year examination, other employees of a yearly medical examination, contact the city people Hospital and municipal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine as the company's designated hospitals; environmental protection, the company through the propaganda column, internal newspapers, banners and other forms, and constantly enhance staff energy saving, environmental protection awareness, training staff in the work and life to develop consciously save electricity, water, paper, oil habits. Every employee should start from the little things around, save the company and social resources, to promote energy-saving emission reduction, advocate green life, build an ecological civilization, and build a friendly society to contribute to the environment.
    The sixth chapter: safety production and occupational health
    Genus machinery manufacturing industry, production safety is an important prerequisite to ensure the safety of the staff to the company, company strict implementation of the labor law of the people's Republic of China, "the people's Republic of China Law on safety in production, the the people's Republic of China occupational disease prevention law" and other labor, safety production laws and regulations, and continuously improve the staff's working environment in occupational health and safety conditions, company safety production management is mainly through the monthly safety inspection, safety officer routine inspections to achieve. Companies in the following aspects of reform and innovation:
    1, once a month to organize a security check, find the unsafe state of things, through the hidden danger investigation, the deadline for rectification, to ensure that employees have a safe working environment.
    In summer 2, not only supply, Green Tea Dan, shidishui heatstroke and other drugs, cold also organized the logistics department is distributed to employees. The team lounge is equipped with air conditioning, the operation site has a strong electric fans, to create a comfortable working environment for employees.
    3, the establishment of health files for employees, regular staff to conduct physical examination, when the staff found that the physical discomfort, the payment of nutrition, arrange to rest, to ensure the health of employees without injury.
    4, according to the different positions to configure the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), are respectively provided with a safety cap, heat radiation overalls, anti static work service, acid suit, dust masks, goggles, canvas gloves, yarn gloves, protective shoes and meets the requirements of the standard of labor protection articles. Regularly listen to frontline staff to offer insurance products, protect the interests of employees.
    5, the production area for risk identification, the development of a variety of emergency rescue plan, the relevant personnel training, clear their responsibilities, and the annual plan exercise, to correct the problems in the exercise, improve the ability of the organization's emergency response and handling all kinds of emergencies.
    6, strengthen production safety education training, regularly invites the security experts to explain safety knowledge, fire safety knowledge and emergency rescue safety knowledge. Especially the special operations personnel and production safety management personnel are certified. Before the new process and new project start, organize the staff to conduct business training in the same industry.
    In 2014, the company safety supervision organization of the Ministry of the staff take turns wearing safety inspection red armbands, on the one hand, strengthen staff consciously abide by the rules and regulations for safety production consciousness, on the other hand also contributed to the staff to consciously learning basic knowledge of production safety.
    The seventh chapter of public relations and public welfare undertakings
    The source of enterprise development in society, to repay the society is the responsibility of the enterprise should make, enterprise as a basic unit of society as an organic whole, not only to the pursuit of profit, must also consider the overall interests and long-term development of society, and bear the corresponding social responsibility. It not only includes the positive investment in social welfare undertakings, in association with the various large-scale activities, also includes a legitimate business, pay taxes according to regulations, care resources, environmental protection, pay attention to safety, care staff, expanding employment, social integration, common wealth etc.. Companies need to the pursuit of profit and assume social responsibility organic fusion together, with love to serve the society, actively participate in and support of social welfare activities, such as the fight against natural disasters and support philanthropy, education, advocate all company employees kitted Thanksgiving heart actively participate in and contribute their love.
    1, the company actively with the government departments, industry associations, regulatory authorities and relevant media to maintain communication and contact, the relevant departments in accordance with the laws and regulations of the supervision and inspection, to actively cooperate and assist, as far as their own responsibilities and obligations.
    2, integrity management, tax law, to contribute to the development of society and the country. Companies to pay taxes in accordance with the law to fulfill their social responsibility, the most basic requirements of society, the most basic requirement for a long time to declare the tax, to pay taxes in a timely manner. For many years, the company has become one of the major tax payers in Qidong City, strongly supports the national and local finance, and has been recognized by all levels of industry and commerce, taxation and related departments in recognition.
    3, the company actively support the cause of public welfare. In the company, the company set up mutual funds to help and support the occurrence of major diseases, disabilities, natural disasters families weather the storm; outside the company, focusing on the support of charitable foundations, 2014, the company donated a total of 2 million 150 thousand yuan to the city of Qidong City, to the social vulnerable groups and difficult people sent to the warm.
    The growth of the company and the enterprise are closely related to the social responsibility. In the past year, the company's development is facing opportunities and challenges, through cooperation with friends from all walks of life and the joint efforts of all staff, the company has achieved the expected results. Thanks to government departments at all levels, the vast number of customers, suppliers, friends and friends from all sectors of the community and investors and friends of the company's strong support and love.
    In 2015, the company will continue to accelerate technological innovation, enhance the level of customer service, improve customer satisfaction, to create more value for shareholders. Attach importance to customer relationship management and investor relations management, adhere to the "people-oriented", promote enterprise culture construction and human resource management innovation, and effectively protect the rights and interests of employees, provide employees with a broader career development space. On the basis of the steady development of the company's main business, and continue to promote and improve social responsibility, and actively undertake social responsibility, with an open mind to accept the supervision of all sectors of society, strengthen communication and exchanges with the stakeholders, continue to support the public welfare undertakings, to promote the harmonious development of the public and the community to make new contributions.
    Welcome all sectors of the community and investors to make valuable comments on this report, to help the company in fulfilling social responsibility continues to improve, we will carefully listen to your feedback and extend my heartfelt thanks.
    Our way of contact:
    Department: Jiangsu Shentong valve board of directors of the Limited by Share Ltd Office
    Address: Nanyang Town, Qidong city Jiangsu Xiexing No. 88 North Street
    Tel: 0513-83335899
    Fax: 0513-83335998
    Mail: zhangqq@stfm.cn
    Jiangsu Shentong valve board of directors of the Limited by Share Ltd
    March 29, 2015

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